2019 Resolution: Read 12 Books

This year I thought I would publish some of my resolutions. Hope it keeps me honest.

Let’s start with an easy one.


Read 12 books – Average one book a month.

But Why?

This is one that I made 2 years ago for 2017 and have kept up knock on wood since. I think it’s very important to continue to keep track of things you want to continue, not just new things you want to start.

I had been a pretty prolific reader as a kid. In high school I rarely read outside of school. In college I again kept recreational reading to a minimal.

One of my majors in university was Philosophy. I read a TON in university. Dense, complex, witty, Latin (jk on that one) material every week. I loved most of it, even if I complained about it. I have most of the books on my shelf behind me still many years later.

When I graduated I was already full tilt into starting the first iteration of my current company – CareerJSM https://careerjsm.com. Between running a startup and freelance work I really didn’t sit down to read for probably a solid year. I read blogs and tech news while eating or on the go, maybe a magazine article, but nothing of substance. (I am excluding programming books and reference material).

Then we got an office downtown and I had a ~45min commute. After listening to music on my commute became mundane I re-read Malcom Gladwell’s Tipping Point and loved it all over again. I startled looking for more sudo psychology titles and read a few other works in my philosophy collection. Soon I had a shortlist of books I wanted to read.

In 2017 I made a commitment to read regularly, at least 1 book a month.

It worked. I hit my goal! I now have a longer wishlist of books that anything else.

The one a month was an excellent pace for my commutes and helped create a great habit of reading regularly.

For 2019 I just want to keep reading regularly.

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